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shattered by gunshots. president obama's new steps for gun policies. and some bay area families down on their luck. complete bay area news, coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. good evening, it's wednesday, december 19th and this is bay area news at 7, the shooting shut down a south bay highway, a us marines recruiter was shot at and his car was hit and he was not. this happened on highway 85 in cooper tino, the southbound lanes of 85 were shut down for about an hour while investigators collected evidence. the marines car which has government plates was hit at least three times by bullets. >> kind of gets alerted and notices a pop from the back of
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one of his windows and he pulls over and discovers that he is shot at more than once, multiple times. >> investigators have not yet determined if the shots came from someone that was in another vehicle or on the side of the road. also in cooper tino the search for suspected burglar call off and a preschool has now been lifted. police search this neighborhood off of homestead most of the day and began when police tried to pull over this toyota for speeding. the car drove into a shopping center and that's where three men jumped out and two arrested and a 3rd got away, police conducted a yard to yard search and would thought find him. across the bay area today people are pauseing to remember those kill in the sandy hook elementary school shooting. more than 200 people attended a mass at oakland's catholic cathedral. many parents brought their children and the names of the victims were read allowed. the archbishop placed a wreath outside with a rose for each
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life lost. the outmoring for grief is being felt in fairfield where the temple on rockdale is hosting a vigil, temple leaders opening the doors to anyone that needs a place for those to march. >> people gathered to help in the healing from last week's shooting. it was part of an emotional day and a new vow from president obama for changes to america's gun policies. ♪ amazing grace, how sweet the sound ♪ beautiful music to help heal a hurting community, these are images from tribute to newtown an event organized by nearby communities. >> standing together, dreaming together. praying together. and building together. there can be a tomorrow, a and newtown can live again and rise from its ashes and began again. >> earlier wednesday the heart-
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wrenching funerals carried on and the car carrying 7-year-old daniel barden passed the first reponders stood by to pay respects. loved ones are saying goodbye to victoria suto called a hero for giving up her life to protect students. >> she would not hesitate to save anyone else and especially children, she loved themmos more than life. >> the issue of gun control has been front and center since the shootings that took the lives of 20 children and 7 adults. president obama is taking the first steps in his effort for change gun policy in america asking vice president joe biden to establish a set of proposals by the end of next month. >> this is not something where folks are going to be studying the issue for six months and publishing a report that gets read and then pushed aside. >> back at the tribute, this just finished painting showing a candle symbolizing a
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community that lights still shine on. >> as people left the tribute many talked about what an emotional night it was but also said it was filled with moments of inspiration. in danbury, connecticut, tory done a.m., k tv news. house minority leader nancy pelosi is calling for a band on saul magazines holding more than ten rounds of ammunition. >> we are doing everything in our power to prevent tragedies from happening again. >> representative pelosi is calling on housespeaker john boehner to bring the proposed legislation to the house floor by a vote this saturday. >> president obama you new call for gun control and mental health struck a cord in the bay area. at the canyon sports gunshot in martinez, people had strong opinions on the topic, the owner, ron kennedy says president obama unpressure to take action under the new town
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tragedy. two people we spoke with support efforts to support gun violence and mental source resources. >> the mental health is a huge concern. >> not sure how the policies would look but both of them should be looked to and regulated. it is scary out there. >> the state attorney general's office has ceased more than 2,000 fire armies this year from people possessing weapons including people mentally unstable. we have more coverage of the shooting along with the growing response from gun supporters and critics under the new town shooting tab at the top of the home page. if you head outside right about now you can certainly feel it, temperatures dropping all around the bay area. tonight's cold will be less severe than the ones many us woke up to which left windshields froze be, parts of the bay area below 30 degrees and ahead at 7:23, our bill
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martin will have our new weather forecast. one family forced to be out in the cold. high demand has left parents and children without options. janet. >> reporter: we are at the hamilton family vin the tenderloin and i talked to the director that says they are full and having to turn families away. these families are grateful for their baby bundled up for christmas and thankful to have health, they were left homeless with two others because of a fire. >> hopefully week rise above the situation and find some kind of affordable housing for us for the next years to come. >> tonight, they are among the
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lucky ones found a room at the hamilton center in san francisco, as the temperature drops, the director, diane louther says it is heart breaking, to turn around hundreds of families that need help. >> very often they are out in cars or they are doubled up in situations that they shouldn't be. >> luther says the hamilton center has 70 rooms, all full with nearly 250 homeless family on the wait list. >> they have children with them and they are trying to hold it together. >> louther says high rent in the city make it difficult for find permanent housing. >> it takes them longer to find affordable apartments and they often have to move out of the city because the rents are high here. >> starting a job at a barber shop and his family's christmas list is to leave the shelter soon. >> if my family can get through this, we can get through anything. >> the family is trying to raise donations to help more
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families through this holiday season. live in san francisco. a san francisco woman arrested in the death of her daughter has been released from jail, the 16-year-old died at a hospital after being found on the sidewalk, 46-year-old heidi hidalburg was arrested on suspicion of child endangerment, hidalburg has been released and faces no charges pending investigation. take a look at the dramatic moment as two san francisco police officers rush into a san francisco general, the officers did not have time to wait for the ambulance wednesday so they took the newborn in their cruiser, they were entering the hospital and one officer performed cpr and the little baby survived and his mother has pleaded not guilty to child cruelty charges. the free month police department is mourning the loss
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of its own. began in 1987 with the passed alameda police department. he was known for his big personality and making people laugh. survived by a 17 and 15-year- old daughter and son. candle police are not eating the death after person found inside after storage unit as suspicious. the fire was reported at 1:15 in an apartment complex off of hamilton avenue. the cause of the fire is under investigation tonight. fire crews found the body after they put out the flames and the person may have been sleeping there. the coroner's office says the body was badly burned and not yet to establish an identity. oakland police are investigating a fire that started in an abandoned stolen truck. what you are seeing here is exclusive video of the fire after it started around midnight on clara street and railroad avenue.
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huge flames reached as high as the power lines. the security guard suffered smoke inhalation and is expected to be okay. there was an emergency hazmet response and investigation of oakland post office. at 10:00 a.m., workers at the high post office began to cough and experienced eye irritation after noticing a puddle on the floor. the post office was shut down, 8 postal areas were quarantined inside of the building and two treated and released. the hazmet team determined the liquid was pepper spray. there was a small canister of pepper spray in one of the drawers in that back work room that had discharged. after it discharged, it becomes a liquid. >> pepper spray is used by letter carriers to protect them from dogs, the post office opened at 11:30. leaders in richmond are holding a meeting to discuss chevron repair plans.
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it was damaged by a fire last august and the city is responsible for issuing permit force the repairs. the a corroded pipe led to the fire. mark zuckerberg making a statement this holiday season, the bay area group is all smiles with its own piece of the facebook pie. >> they have been call a noisy nuisance, how one bay area man inspired his hometown to consider regulations on leaf blowers. back here at 7:20, ryan is head your way, i have the computer lined up and ready to go and to show you when the
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rain begins. president obama and republican speaker john boehner inching towards a deal to head off the fiscal cliff. we have a report from washington on how close the two
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sides are in raising taxes and cutting spending. president obama and speaker boehner are only a few hundred millions dollars apart. the congressional republicans should take his latest offer. >> there has been a lot of posturing on capitol hill instead of just going ahead and getting stuff done. we have been wasting time. >> boehner has spend the last two days trying to tell his fellow republicans on what is call plan b, a backup bill for anyone learning less than one million dollars a year in case the president and speaker fail to reach a broader deal. >> they are thinking about voteing to raise taxes at least on folk over a million which they say they don't want to do. but they are going to reject spending cuts that they say they do want to do. that defies logic. the speaker says he has offered a backup plan because the president's latest proposal
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is too lopsided. >> the president's offer of $1.3 trillion in revenues and $850 billion in spending reductions fails to meet the test that president promised the american people, a balance. boehner says plan b will pass the house tomorrow putting the next move on the president. >> he can call on a senate and democrats to pass that bill or he can be responsible for the largest tax increase in american history. both president obama and speaker boehner say they are willing to keep dealing to reach a broader agreement. in washington, rich edison, fox business network. hopes for a compromise dwindle on capitol hill, the dow fell and the nasdaq also lost ten. nurses picketed hospitals from santa rosa to fresno
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facing inadequate nurse staffing. the nurses union says that short staffing is a chronic problem in kizer emergency rooms and mental health services. kizer says the nursing staff levels comply and exceed state mandated requirements. three state department officials resigned under pressure related to the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. the deputy assistant and an unamed official stepped down, they came less than one day after a scathing report blaming management for a lack of security at the u.s. embassy. the army will be seeking the death penalty against a soldier accused of killing 16 afghan villages during a deadly rampage. dr.vail faces premeditated murder. prosecutor says that bail slipped out of his base at dawn and attacked two villages, nine
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children were killed. no date is set. president obama has been named time magazine's 2012 person of the year today. the second time in just four years. the editor of time sided what he called the obama effect. changes include health insurance and gay service members receiving openly, ma lalla, the team pakistanian advocate was named and shot by the taliban. mark zuckerberg has announced his largest gift, donating 18 million shares of facebook stock to the silicon valley community. worth a half billion dollars, the foundation works on health education projects and zuckerberg's second donation since joining the giving group founded by bell gaits encourages families to donate money. 6 nonprofit groups sheriffing the gift, west county, bridge college and the
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con ta costtra group and new loader, rewarded as part of chevron's program to invest in economics statewide. stopping eviction proceedings at the liberty hall. 135 victorian on 8th street and on the national register of historic places and went into foreclose about two years ago and now the bank has put it up for sale. the church and other community groups rent can the space say they have to leave by february. city holdings owns the buildings and have not returned our calls and they hope to convince the bank to donate. they are an effective tool in keeping the neighborhood tidy and others say they ar knew san. we have one man's crew said of leaf blowers. >> it is like a chain saw
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running constantly. >> and it aggravates his breathing. >> i have my oxygen all the time. >> and banding gas powered lawn blowers. >> over 1300 signatures. >> the 71-year-old fairfax man started to talk to anyone that listened. within a few week his petition had more than 1300 supporters. >> there was so many people that hate this vial machine. i just -- you know, i found it so easy to collect signatures. >> i think that it makes too much of a mess and i would like to see them go away. >> but gardeners and landscaping consider leaf blowers essential and willing to abide by regulations on when they could be used but a band would increase cost force consumers. >> leaf blowers is essential. green took his petitions to the
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last fairfax meeting, leaders are researching the area and plan a public hearing in january or february. if we get rid of these things and start using the rake lake we used to do it would be much better for the planet. >> green says the issue of banding or restricting leaf blowers is being taken up by the county, in morin county, career carol lou channel 2 news. the spirit of holiday gift of giving was alive in the christmas bag give away. >> the bags were filled with turkey, bread and vegetables, people filled the long lines, the volunteers distributed 50 bags of food. organizers saw many more elderly people in line. whit comes to roman, one pair of primates have us beat, the love story playing out in one zoo standing half a continent and another chilly night. chief meteorologist bill martin will tell where it will be the
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coldest and when we will see the
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next round of rain.
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watch out for slick roads if you are going to the sierra, this big rig hit black ice and rolled downism 80. parts hit near zero but good news for ski resorts reporting
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up to four inches of snow and we checked with cal tran, trains are not required on the mountain passes but they could be changing because the chief meteorologist bill martin is talking to us about rain and maybe snow. >> rain and more snow and treky minus two and the black ice basically all over the place anytime you get above 3000 feet. it is cool out there and take a look at what we got to show you in live storm tracker 2. clouds to the north of us and those clouds are going to work their way south overnight. now here is the deal, they will stop just about the cave man casino area and for tomorrow night they will work their way into the north bay. that's tomorrow after the sunset. so showers are in the forecast but they are still aways away. tomorrow night at this time, live storm tracker 2 will show probably rain in santa rosa and nevada. the main event overnight tomorrow night into friday morning. i think the headline with this weather system will be friday morning's commute. the friday overall commute.
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these arand 52 in san francisco. the headliner will be the commute. friday, a lot of folks have time off and friday morning will be raining and windy especially in the early morning commute and you know how it is, friday are bad and you put rain and a holiday out in front and you got issues. friday morning, watch the computer model to verify this, here we are at thursday. not bad, cold though, right, not as cold as this morning but lots of mid-30s and low 30s there will be frost. what is that thursday, at 6:00, we stop at about midnight and there's kind of the main front coming through at one a.m. friday morning now. the roadways are wet for the products morning commute and showers. friday about 5:00, the afternoon commute more scattered showers and then a little break and more rain comes in saturday morning early. a little break and then more rain on sunday. so it is kind of a fluid active pattern and a ways out, all of
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that other stuff and just know as you look at the forecast highs for your thursday, that as we get into friday morning, the commute is going to be kind of dicey so be prepared, you know to maybe just give yourself a little more time. there will be wind on the bridges, i don't know how many advisories but it will be wet as friday morning's commute can be, friday forecast with the bay in view, there it is friday and saturday more showers and more on sunday it starts to clear out. thank you bill. love is in the air at the okay land zoo, keepers were concerned after the zoo's white handed nickco here lost his mate this past year and since then nickco had not been its usual self and looked around for a new mate and found glad disgiven up by a private owner. the two just hit it off and it looks like they are making a real love connect. thank you for trusting kt v u channel news and we will see
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you the next time news breaks. we will continue with our 10:00 news and we will hear from people that alerted authorities about the shooting we told you about that shut down highway 85 for a time. keep in mind we are here for you at
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